Demos 2007 - 2008

by Electrik Emily

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Now we didn’t mean to pry But what the hell made you lie? All those times we laughed together Through the good times, and the bad weather Now we see you're just a fake Doubting us was your mistake Your daddy can count, so can we We’re not gettin stuck with the fee No! Chorus: I don’t owe you I don’t owe you I don’t owe you I don’t owe you anything At first we felt bad for you But then you bit off more than you could chew All your secrets you can’t hide You got our money, but we got our pride Your empty threats, you should regret Broken promises we won’t soon forget ‘Cause we’re going on better than before And we’re leaving you outside the door The door! Chorus Sticks and stones may break my bones But words will never hurt me Sticks and stones may break my bones But words will never hurt me Sticks and stones may break my bones But words will never hurt me Sticks and stones may break my bones But words will never hurt me Chorus Chorus
You stay out too late party boy When you get tired with it, you’ll need a new toy What did I ever see in you? It’s all wrong, and here’s what I’m gonna do I'm gonna Drop you like a bad habit Chorus: Bad habit And I’ve just about had it Bad, bad, bad habit And I just won’t have it Don’t you wanna do something fun? That is before the day is done You eat, and you sleep, and you never call What did you ever want with me at all? So I’ll drop you like a bad habit Chorus You can’t do anything on your own I’m surprised you even made it home Does your mama pick out your clothes for you? You take more time getting ready than I do And I’m dropping you like a bad habit Chorus
The first time I heard it on the radio My mind couldn’t believe how didn’t know That something like this I would find Right there and then I made up my mind Went down to the guitar store Bought me a six-string that I fell for Learned to play my favorite song Kept the neighbors up all night long Chorus: Rock & roll told me so Rock & roll told me so Rock & roll told me so Rock & roll told me so See the glitter in my eyes Baby, then you’ll know why Got my tattoo the very next day My parents didn’t know what to say I’ll travel down this road as long as I can Be the start, be a rock & roll fan Chorus I’ll travel down this road as long as I can Be the start, be a rock & roll fan I’ll travel down this road as long as I can Be the start, be in a rock & roll band Chorus
You saw me last Under the amber street light Then I vanished from your sight I finally found you With this night to spare To tell you that our souls are a pair You say “we just met” But you know as well as I We belong together, this you cannot deny Now forgive me my love But I have to go How it pains me, you’ll never know Chorus: I feel you And I know you And everything that has gone by All the passion All the pain I keep it all in my mind You see I made a deal To stop death’s rite It would take me and save your life For at the break of dawn You would have died So I do what I must to turn the tide Now I stand at the crossroad Prepared for my fate You appear saying “It’s not too late!” You looked at death Said “You cannot have my heart!” “This will never keep us apart!” Chorus But the deal was my time You said “It will also be yours” So we will both perish Rather than endure And the sickle said “No” “One must die here tonight But after dusk may return Under the amber street light” Chorus So they are one Under the amber street light Now and forever this night
With a picture bedside his bed Like a wilting flower he hangs his head The memories prick his body like a pile of thorns Trying to pretend he didn’t known her scorn She was a little too pretty, a little too wild A blossom of a woman still being a child She played with their hearts, devouring each piece And for their broken hearts she loses no sleep Chorus: And everyone says she’s a nice girl And everyone says she’s so sweet And so many lovers tried to tame her And so many cried in defeat No one is blind to the pain he lives in Each day he wonders what was his sin There is no answer for the heartache he breathes She spread in him like an infectious seed Her friends call her a wild flower She’s a beautiful temptress who knows her own powe But she underestimates the strength of her eyes And is ignorant to their broken hearts’ cries Chorus Bridge: And every time another heart is taken Those who know her, they still stand unshaken Grown men with broken hearts once more And she is oblivious to the pain they endure But they endure it! Each day is a dagger cutting his skin He asks himself why and where to begin The pieces seem too many to put back together And they say that it doesn’t last forever Someday she’ll know the pain they all feel And someone else will say it’s not real They’ll all say he’s not all bad She’ll have lost the only love she’s ever had Chorus Chorus
Crazy ladies getting out tonight Crazy ladies getting out tonight And we're looking for some boys Some boys who know it all right It's hot out there, on the town It's hot out there, on the town And we think you right over there Right over there, you're gonna be down You're down! Downtown yeah! Feeling insane Forgot my name Having fun Don't know what's to be done Rocking all day Don't know what to say Getting out Without a doubt Crazy ladies getting out tonight Crazy ladies getting out tonight And you know something honey We know we're all right We're all right All right!
We’d go down to the coffee house To hear the bands play Every Friday was filled with laughter The apple ciders and Mexican lattes Checkers with Nikki Milkshakes with Seth Treasure those high school days ‘Cause there aren’t many left Chorus: Remember the days of 3 a.m. Stayin up late , sleepin in Remember those days, they’ll come again And the good memories Never end Well I don’t see them very much Denise went down to Virginia Jutt’s at college, Angie’s on the road And the bands don’t play at the Java I pull out the pictures Of dances gone And smile when I think of The place where I belong Chorus It’s summer time once again I think I’ll take a ride To that coffee house down town Where we’d all dream inside And when I got there How my eyes did cry For my friends whom I love so well Were waiting for me to come on by Chorus Chorus Chorus
There goes a pop star queen who lived too fast And a washed up bimbo who just didn’t last There goes another candidate In the election of the music I hate Its big business, money, and lip synching You look like a puppet when you’re talking Glitter, gossip, plastic girls Are a label’s best-selling cheap thrills Chorus 1: The music that I hate Is my generation’s worst mistake The music that I hate Plays on the radio a quarter after eight Wanted to look good, wanted to score You sold your soul to get in the door You think you got it made baby, ha! They’ll replace you before you’re twenty All the fluff that I have to hear Makes me cry and it burns my ear How long can you play this game? Before it’s gone and they forget your name? Chorus 2: The music that I hate Doesn’t give real musicians a break The music I hate Turns little girls into jailbait Chorus 3: The music that I hate Knows what to sell and what to take The music I hate Makes everything you hear second rate Chorus 1, 2, 3
Chorus: It’s déjà vu ‘Cause I feel like I’ve been here before But don’t try to ignore What you feel inside It can’t be justified When it’s déjà vu And I feel like I’ve been here before Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah ,yeah, yeah I’m twice bitten Once shy Third times a charm baby Did you ever wonder why? The dreamers love to fantasize And yeah I do too But the fairy tales seem to mystify Life, and what do you do Chorus Hey what’s going on? Time just passes by And it seems like yesterday I learned how to fly In circles, Same old song everyday Look around and you will see How to break the old way, when I tell ya Chorus Spoken: Don’t hold back Oh no Don’t let it get you down Oh no I’m twice bitten Once shy Third times a charm baby Did you ever wonder why? Chorus Chorus
Let your guard down, and they’ll attack They see a thought that wasn’t just an act How many times did you have to change? But did they ever stop calling you strange? Chorus: If I wasn’t someone I’d be no one, going now where If I didn’t be myself Then I’d be made somebody else I’d be made somebody else So I’m gonna be myself I’m gonna be myself You laugh at me ‘cause you don’t like what you see I laugh at you ‘cause I can see your vacancy I want to be original but oh how The pressure’s on to be like them now Chorus Let your guard down, and they’ll attack Afraid the stray will ruin the pack Too late now, I’ve gone my own way My footsteps remain while yours never stay Chorus Chorus
You’re on my mind More than you should be And in my dreams Getting closer to me But I haven’t told you How I’m feeling About the smile worn while My heart you’ve been stealing Pre-Chorus 1: Do your eyes Reflect the same As do mine When I Think of your name Chorus: Please, I want you to stay Please, don’t walk away There is something I have to say So please, tell me, tell me that you’ll stay Will your kind stare Last longer? If I don’t see you Will I be stronger? Because I’m afraid That today You’ll be the one Who got away, ‘cause I Pre-Chorus 2: I can’t disguise When my heart’s to blame So stop time And take away the pain Chorus Do your eyes Reflect the same As so mine When I think of your name Pre-Chorus 2 Chorus
You crashed into my life Why did I crash into your room? I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly About the heartache that came too soon You wore a disguise! And it’s all lies! I’m not your average girl But I’m not trying to be I’ll defy everything you know And everything that you see on TV And you didn’t like that! So you planned your attack! Chorus: This is how it’s gonna be I won’t remember you, you won’t forget about me It wasn’t good yeah, not good enough for you Don’t come crawling back, don't want nothing from you It’s too late Too late for you You kept my mind in a cage To believe in whatever god you can It saves time thinking for yourself You like to ruin what you have You made me feel guilty! About everything in me! Nice to see you don’t wanna hurt me But that’s not very hard to say You act like you care to get your way You play the victim, to mislead the prey Guess who found you out! And now it’s my turn to scream and shout! Chorus All you gave me was a problem Pointless things you didn’t wanna workout You say without me, you don’t know who you are But I do, I have no doubt Have no doubt, have no doubt! Chorus Chorus
I am greater than all of my parts To be complete would be a good start To break this separation anxiety From underneath the scissors of this patriarchy Stitch ‘n save me from your male gaze Double knots tie me in this maze Left I am bought, right I am sold Cut me up ‘n down for my own good I am told Chorus: Put me, put me, put me back together now I am, I am not your pieces Put me, put me put me back together now I am, I am not for your uses Tangled in the spools of a magazine Disconnected parts all around the scene She’s barely legal, the paper doll Her double D’s sell you fashions this fall Paste perfume in-between her legs Shove a finger down her throat, designer shades Wet T-Shirts sell gin on the rocks Misogyny requires sexy socks Chorus I was sitting on a wall You pushed me and I had a fall And all the boys and all the men Took the pieces so I couldn’t be whole again O-B-J-E-C-T-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N “Hello….what? Oh, you’ve got to be, got to be kidding me….let’s get real for a second.” Carbon copy oppression onto me What? You didn’t think that I would see? When you look at me, you see a commodity I’ll not rip at the seams for eternity Chorus
There are things you never do To someone, even once, when you do Everything falls down And this time, I won’t be around Chorus: This is the end! Don’t tell me you’ll be my friend This is the end! This to you is what I send What was yours, was never mine And in time, you will find That it all, was a lie The memory will fade, and die Whooa oooooo oh, this is the end You still don’t seem to understand You can’t try, even once, when you do I hate to be around For this time, you won’t beat me down Chorus


These are just my demos from 2007-2008. Enjoy the rough and raw awesomeness!


released January 7, 2008


All lyrics and music by Electrik Emily, except "A Nice Girl," lyrics by D. D. Young.

Guitars, bass, drum programming, MIDI, keyboards, harmonica, and vocals performed by Electrik Emily.

Graphics by Electrik Emily.


all rights reserved



Electrik Emily Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Attitude. Glitter. Chord Rock. Grrrl Pwr.

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