This song is about another ex who broke up with me because of religion. Go figure right? Basically, this ex was a complete and utter user. Played with my emotions, vetted me against my friends, and even my own sanity. Well, the best revenge is a well crafted, F-U rock song. Enjoy.


You crashed into my life
Why did I crash into your room?
I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly
About the heartache that came too soon

You wore a disguise!
And it’s all lies!

I’m not your average girl
But I’m not trying to be
I’ll defy everything you know
And everything that you see on TV

And you didn’t like that!
So you planned your attack!

This is how it’s gonna be
I won’t remember you, you won’t forget about me
It wasn’t good yeah, not good enough for you
Don’t come crawling back, don't want nothing from you

It’s too late
Too late for you

You kept my mind in a cage
To believe in whatever god you can
It saves time thinking for yourself
You like to ruin what you have

You made me feel guilty!
About everything in me!

Nice to see you don’t wanna hurt me
But that’s not very hard to say
You act like you care to get your way
You play the victim, to mislead the prey

Guess who found you out!
And now it’s my turn to scream and shout!


All you gave me was a problem
Pointless things you didn’t wanna workout
You say without me, you don’t know who you are
But I do, I have no doubt
Have no doubt, have no doubt!



from Demos 2007 - 2008, released January 7, 2008


all rights reserved



Electrik Emily Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Attitude. Glitter. Chord Rock. Grrrl Pwr.

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